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Propel the native token of PayRue is on BNB Chain that can also be bridged into Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom.

Propel contracts on explorer

  • Propel on BNB Chain at BSCScan

    Contract Address: 0x9B44Df3318972bE845d83f961735609137C4C23c

  • Propel on Polygon at PolygonScan

    Contract Address: 0xe0Ce60AF0850bF54072635e66E79Df17082A1109

  • Propel on Fantom at FantomScan

    Contract Address: 0x5444C30210d8A0A156178CFb8048b4137c0d40d1

  • Propel on Avalanche at AvaScan

    Contract Address 0x65c9d9d080714cDa7b5d58989Dc27f897F165179

  • Bridge Propel between chains on

Propel is listed on

PanCakeSwap for BNB / Propel

Uniswap for MATIC / Propel

Propel exchange data