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Liquidity Mining


Earn PROPEL by adding BNB & PROPEL liquidity to PanCakeSwap V2

This post will explain the process of how you can earn PROPEL by adding PROPEL & BNB on PanCakeSwap

Important Key Facts on process

  • LP Tokens is a token that is given as a reward for providing Liquidity of BNB / PROPEL in PanCakeSwap

  • LP Tokens that are Earned is Deposited to your MetaMask Wallet

  • Rewards are calculated monthly on a daily average balance

  • End of each month we calculate the average daily balance of LP Tokens on your PayRue DEX wallet and transfer PROPEL to your Wallet at the beginning of the following month

  • To receive LP Token you simply just go to the BNB / PROPEL Pool on PanCakeSwap

  • After added Liquidity you will receive LP Tokens that will be deposited into your wallet, this will entitle you to Propel rewards end of each month