Propel Rewards
Rewards for community members of PayRue applications
Rewards for inviting user to PayRue DEX Wallet
Inviting friends and family to PayRue DEX Wallet can be very rewarding. Each invite can be worth 250 Propel and the chance to win special bonus prices each month if you are a top 10 community person on the leaderboard.
How to activate and start inviting friends to PayRue DEX Wallet
  1. 1.
    Download PayRue DEX Wallet
  2. 2.
    Go to Earn Crypto on Home Page on PayRue DEX Wallet
3. Get your unique referral link inside the PayRue DEX Wallet mobile app
4. Share your link on email, social media och SMS to friends and family.
5. Each person you invite will Earn 500 Propel if they complete the following tasks:
  • downloaded/installed PayRue DEX Wallet
  • transferred a minimum of 10 USD worth of BSC tokens that have a live feed from BSCScan to their PayRue DEX Wallet.
Inviting friends will earn you 250 Propel per successful invitation where the invited person follow the gives tasks and will earn them 500 Propel for doing so.
The more successful invitation you have generated the bigger chance is there that your address will be on the monthly leaderboard and chance to win unique prices each month.
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